Eco Diamonds Are Forever

Eco Diamonds Are Forever

Although we all love the sparkle, unfortunately the shine of mined diamonds have met their dull end.

From destroying natural habitats to poisoning local waters, people are realising the dangerous effects mined diamonds are having on the environment; but fear no more as eco-diamonds are making waves!

From creating diamonds in a lab in just five days, to using dried flowers and renewable every day resources. Eco-Diamonds are taking over the catwalk and offer a more affordable, just as valuable and eco-friendly alternative.

However sustainable jewellery doesn't just start here, as lots of eco-friendly brands are using recycled gold and ethically sourced materials to design their accessories. Which is brilliant for the ethical minded, as our sustainable mission shouldn’t just focus on our outfit, but also how we accessorise it.

From vegan leather watches and cactus trainers to recycled plastic handbags, there is always an alternative to high street essentials, and trail blazers within the community that put the environment and fashion first.

These amazing designers are choosing to use sustainable materials across the fashion industry, not just to pioneer environmental change, but for the future of fashion.

Like so many other areas of our lives, precious materials are being over resourced for our own benefit, whereas by searching for alternatives like eco-diamonds we are allowing nature to keep the beauty it has, and we still get to sparkle.

Now your diamonds can truly be your best friend.