New Wave Fashion

New Wave Fashion

As consumers, we are told over and over again to shop sustainably and have an eco conscience. But we're never told how.

The frustration builds as you scroll and scroll through pages of supposedly vegan, sustainable and ethical brands, each with individual websites and ways of doing things. 

New wave fashion makes it easy to make the right choices, whilst still knowing you are shopping across the latest trends and looks. It’s championing the individual, without frustrating the customer. 

One frustrated customer was Emma, Néhm’s founder, who with a love for fashion was changing the way she was seeing her wardrobe as she continued to pioneer a vegan friendly lifestyle.

Emma noticed that not only were brands not available in one place, but if they were, it was about the good they did, rather than how good they looked!

And although Néhm is built on a love of life, it’s also built on a love of style. 

The best of both worlds, Emma decided it was time for a new wave, and went to her favourite luxury brands to discuss bringing their vegan goods all in one place.

The result: Néhm 

And although there may be confusion on how to pronounce the brand (think Name) there is no confusion on what it stands for. 

It’s New Wave Fashion - it’s vegan, sustainable and Ethical. But it’s also chic, on-trend and a little bit vain. (okay, maybe a lot vain) 

It’s the fashion we want, with the conscience we all need.