About Us

Nèhm was born from two passions; a love of fashion and a love of life

Working with the leading names in vegan fashion, beauty and accessories. Néhm aims to showcase quality, high fashion products that are vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free.

A passionate team who believes making small changes, from what's in your make-up bag, to what's in your wardrobe, can help make a big difference.

Especially when it’s done in style.

Sourcing and supporting the best ethical labels from across the globe. Working with brands who put the planet first, and use new technologies to bring you the fashion you deserve.

Our aim is New Wave Fashion. Building a fashion ecosystem with ethics at its forefront and vanity always close behind.

So thank you for choosing to shop with Nèhm, for choosing to shop sustainably, and thank you to all the amazing brands who make it happen!

Néhm Was Born From Two Passions: A Love of Fashion & a Love of Life

We’re building a fashion ecosystem with ethics at the forefront, enabling innovative brands to showcase beautiful products to forward-thinking consumers like you.


We are inclusive. Our ambition is to empower and inspire, making you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

All Our Partners Share the Same Values

Using new technology to bring you excellent quality, high fashion products that are vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free.

The Néhm Way

The brands we stock use advanced and innovative technologies, delivering premium quality and ethical fashion that always considers the impact on the planet.

Our Values


In everything we do; from the brands we curate, to how we deliver them to your door. We offer complete traceability through the entire supply chain, not merely the garment production itself.


Sourcing and supporting the best ethical labels. We’re redefining luxury fashion, with clothes that consider animal welfare, sustainability, and the people who make each and every design.


Just like a physical store, you’re welcome to ask questions and talk to us about our products. Having an open dialogue helps us demonstrate why buying ethically is an important choice.


Using data and consumer insights, we hope to make positive, informed decisions. To benefit our customers and partners, and provide a better place to shop.