Partner With Us

Néhm is the curator of the finest fashion forward vegan, cruelty free and sustainable products, and is always keen to hear from new brands looking to join the New Wave.

We are here to showcase the brilliant brands who are making sustainable shopping possible. A marketplace that allows customers to find the leading names in vegan, sustainable and ethical products all in one place.

If they haven’t heard of you yet, they will with Nèhm. We will offer you a platform that wholeheartedly promotes only ethical brands, but that also is passionate about fashion. With monthly featured brands and social promotions, Nèhm will be your helping hand in reaching your sustainable shopper.

Nèhm’s customers are not pressured to shop ethically, but are looking for help in doing so. We want to show customers that shopping with a conscience shouldn’t be a chore.

Nèhm is fashion first, and the fact it’s sustainable, ethical and vegan - well that’s the cherry on top!

Working on a Shopify platform, Nèhm works with APP’s that allow you to control your stock, choose your product imagery and promote your new products.

You also have control over delivery, as Nèhm operates using drop-shipping. Which means the customer checks out with us, and then we transfer the details and shipping information to you. For you to deliver directly to the customer, promoting your brand with your own packaging and marketing materials.

If you would like to help pioneer the vegan revolution, please contact us with more information on your brand and why Néhm should be knocking down your door to partner with us.

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