'Sunbeam' Earring

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Why you love it:

These beautiful stud earrings are different from the rest. A collection that brings you all your new favourite pieces.

Why Néhm does:

Handcrafted in Germany from recycled 18 karat gold and 4 handset eco diamonds. They're new, but already timeless.

The blueprint:

  • Recycled 18 karat gold
  • Length 12mm
  • Width 2.5mm
  • Height 2.5mm
  • Synthetic eco diamonds
  • 4 diamonds each 2mm round from Switzerland
  • Handmade
  • Carbon offsetting with each product bought
The brand:

“Beautiful, sustainable and lovingly designed luxury jewellery in harmony with nature”
Based in Germany, Maren creates beautiful timeless pieces, handcrafted and polished for every order. No two pieces are the same, and that’s just the way they like it.
Maren also uses recycled gold and eco-diamonds, to ensure they stick to their three pillars - sustainable, responsible and mindful.

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