‘UX-68’ (Pearl) - Néhm
‘UX-68’ (Pearl) - Néhm
‘UX-68’ (Pearl) - Néhm
‘UX-68’ (Pearl) - Néhm
‘UX-68’ (Pearl) - Néhm

‘UX-68’ (Pearl)

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Why you love it:

A chunky trainer for the soul. Heads will turn as you stand tall in these amazing pearl sneakers! Everything a sneaker freak dreams of.

Why Néhm loves it:

Made from recycled and sustainable materials, these trainers are made to last, keeping you stomping around for years and years!
Made by BEFLAMBOYANT, this piece is crafted by sustainable practices.

The blueprint:

  • Vegan and PETA approved
  • Made from recycled and sustainable materials
  • Recycled rice husks sole
  • Regenerated yarn and cotton shoelaces
  • CO2 emissions free and VI free lining
  • 61.9% less water used
  • 48.9% less CO2 emissions
  • 83.4% less PO4 emissions
  • Remove insoles and machine wash in cold water
The brand:

“BEFLAMBOYANT was the result of a dream of creating a fashion project that was sustainable and responsible with the environment as well as the people and the animals”
Made in Spain, BEFLAMBOYANT believes in buying less, buying better and buying vegan sneakers to help us buy consciously. Proudly local, BEFLAMBOYANT are committed to making a positive impact in the world and to deliver to all the sneaker freaks out there amazing zero waste options.
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